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Dorota Kotarska- Senior Consultant

Senior Consultant at CTER; psychologist, University of Warsaw Psychology graduate. She has been at CTER from the beginning. She is known for her ability to run successful recruitment projects in any field and for any position. In recent years she has been working in the industrial and financial sectors. For many years she used to run projects for the FMCG sector, mostly aimed at sales positions. She is valued by Clients for her business maturity, long experience and straightforward attitude in building business relations. She would never leave a Client with an unsolved problem; she does not give up until a satisfying solution is reached.

In the era “before CTER”, she worked for many years in e-learning and training. She cooperated with such firms as SMG/KRC and mindworx. These experiences helped her to develop an understanding of the process of managers’ professional development. By applying this knowledge in the recruitment process, she ensures that Candidates recommended by her stay in the client’s company for years.

In spare time she sings in a choir and rides horses. She is also the head of the “Sing!” fund, which supports amateur choirs in Poland.

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