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Irmina Kuśmierska


Gained her first professional experiences in the company In CTER since 2018. Supports consultants conducting projects for a variety of position levels – from specialists to directors.

Industries in which Irmina Kuśmierska specializes

Most frequently conducted projects

  • Managing Director
  • Operational Director
  • Plant Director
  • Financial Director


2018 - present

CTER Executive Recruitment & Interim Management

2018 - present
2018 - 2018


Researcher (internship)
2018 - 2018


Graduate of Japanese Culture Faculty at Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, by profession – an advertising management technician with specialization in digital design, with a diploma completed at the Warsaw School of Advertising.

After hours

An artistic soul, a fan of disaster movies and travels around Asia. In her spare time she enjoys her numerous hobbies – painting military figurines, drawing, sculpting or renovating old dolls. Her “bucket list” includes visiting all the most important art galleries in Europe, especially those where she might admire her favorites – Caravaggio and Bernini. Together with her husband, she strives to domesticate a rebellious corgi – Brandon.