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Leadership Development Program

Development of leadership competencies has an ever increasing influence on innovativeness of companies operating on the Polish market. Thus, during trainings conducted by CTER, we focus on helping leaders develop leadership skills which will allow them to adjust the organization’s vision and direction to the requirements of the constantly changing world.

If your team is to work effectively, it should be constantly developing its key managerial competencies. Our goal is to help that team achieve more.

Why is it worth to work with us?

  • We cooperate exclusively with inspiring, creative and experienced business trainers. How many times was your team counting minutes until the end of a boring training? We will see to it that such a scenario never repeats itself! Never more wasting several hours for something inconsequential. Leadership Development Program is an excellent use of time for your employees’ development.
  • What we teach is what is most important in leadership. Under the information overload it is very easy to forget what is really important. But not with us! Thanks to our expertise in Executive Recruitment, your employees will acquire the most valued leadership competencies and will know how to apply them in practice.
  • We work in an office and online. You choose. At present, an increasing number of trainings is moving to Internet platforms. In CTER we have had numerous hours of practice and we know that independently from the form of the meeting we can transfer knowledge that your team really needs.

See our programs which help managers in managing the new reality

Remote work

Every manager can master the aspects of efficient remote work and become an example for their subordinates. Make use of the new times to work smarter, not harder!

Dispersed team

To manage such a team, specific managerial competencies are required. The Program develops them and ypur team can successfully perform tasks in various areas.

Stress management

Stress has enormous influence on work quality. Thus, we teach managers the skill of handling their emotions and lowering the level of stress experienced by employees.

Leader and crisis

Whether the team will emerge from a crisis unscathed depends to a large extent on competencies of managers. In the Program "Leader and Crisis" we help to identify potential crises and lead employees through them.


In the changeable, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world what counts is the practical skills of reacting to unforeseen situations. Only due to such skills can a manager predict problems before they arise, implement appropriate procedures to rectify them and use the occurring opportunities well.

Choose the best development package for your company

What is a development package?

It is a round of all trainings – group and individual – within a single development path.


  • Webinar
  • Workshop skills training
  • Workshop action learning
  • Individual consulting sessions.
  • Development of top managerial personnel (directed at members of management boards and company directors)


Cooperation within Management Board


Managing the managers

Executive Coaching


  • Manager Development


Building authority

First steps as a supervisor

Development of managerial competencies

Building relationships

Leadership – manager as leader

Dealing with difficult situations


Team management

Building a team and cooperation

Change management

Employees development


Recruitment and selection of the best


Management within New Reality

How to conquer remote work

Management of dispersed team

Maintaining morale of remote team

Leader for the time of crisis

Live and manage in the VUCA world


Managerial competencies developmen

Situational management in practice

Influencing others

Cooperation with difficult employees

Business presentations online

Methods to deal with own stress and emotions of others

  • Head of Sales Development


Management of
a sales team


Developing salespersons


Managing salespersons 
in times of crisis

Types of development packages


1 x Webinar
3 x Workshops
Access period: up to 4 months
Participants: group of up to 6 managers


1 x Webinar
4 x Workshops
individual consulting sessions
Access period: up to 5 months
Participants: group of up to 6 managers


1 x Webinar
5 x Workshops
Individual consulting sessions
Individual Development Plan
Access period: up to 6 months
Participants: group of up to 6 managers

Our work methods


Online meeting with trainees. Introduces the discussed issues, in a demonstrative and interesting way presents the knowledge and provides specific examples.


  • 3hrs live
  • 1h recording of the webinar

Mode: Live via application (6 persons groups) or recording to be replayed “on demand”

Online trainings

An engaging space for trainees to practice. Activities, surveys, case studies – everything aimed at practical application of knowledge. Training takes place in virtual reality. Participants have the comfort of working from any location.

Additionally: Participants have the option to attend individual consulting with the Trainer after the workshop.
Mode: Live via application

Traditional trainings

An engaging space for trainees to practice. Activities, surveys, case studies – everything aimed at practical application of knowledge. Face-to-face interaction facilitates material retention.

Additional: Participants have the option to attend individual consulting with the Trainer during a month after the workshop is completed.
Place: training room

Tailored workshops

Work related to specific situations which managers and leaders face. Maximally practical, directed at developing and compiling the best solutions possible.

Working method: team coaching
online or training room
Examples of workshop scope:

  • Work in a new team (workshop recommended 3-6 months after the new supervisor joins the team)
  • Introducing changes in an organization
  • Crisis intervention
  • Launching new product
  • Creation of codes of standards

Individual development

Individual meetings aimed at development and reinforcement of a specific leader’s competencies.
Duration: 5 sessions held 3 weeks apart from each other

Work techniques:

  • coaching
  • mentoring
  • consulting

Method: sessions with a Trainer + implementation tasks in between

Process course:

  • We establish our goals and how we will verify them. We determine all terms of cooperation as well as frequency and mode in which sessions will be held.
  • Work – sessions and implementation tasks.
  • We sum up the results and present the final report.

What will our cooperation look like?


We analyze the initial situation

We define the present situation and goals which we want to achieve together.


We choose methods to reach the goal

We look for the best and most effective methods for your situation.


We begin work

After the arrangements are approved, we begin the development process.


We analyze the results

After the project we carefully analyze its course and offer guidelines to improve the situation.


Contact us:


Klaudia Fatah

Client Director
Senior Executive Search Consultant

The person responsible for development programs for leaders is Klaudia Fatah, an experienced trainer and manager, author of numerous publications addressed to managers, a certified coach.

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