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Outsource competence audit to us and find out how your team functions

Competence audit is an effective tool for assessment of managers, helping to verify employees’ competencies in a reliable manner. It will allow you to find out your employees’ abilities, determine their motivational and cultural fit, diagnose the level of cooperation among employees, and identify strong and weak points of the team as a whole. All of this will help you manage employees’ competencies efficiently, and use them adequately for your company’s development.

When is it worth to use competence audit?

Although competence audit will add value to any company, there are contexts in which it may be especially useful:

  • When your company faces new market challenges.
  • When you look for a suitable person for promotion within a team and need an audit of managerial competencies.
  • When you plan a change of organizational structure and require  a team well matched to a new scope of short- and long-term responsibilities. Verification of employees’ competencies will help you to select suitable persons for specific positions.
  • When you wish to assess development potential of managerial personnel and identify your employees’ talents.
  • When you plan a takeover of a company and wish to assess the competencies of its employees.

What will you receive within our competence audit?

  • Objective verification of competencies of employees and job candidates.
  • Cross-sectional and reliable audit of managerial competencies.
  • Absolute confidence and secrecy – you will decide which information will be shared with your employees.
  • Attention paid to the image – both on the market and inside your organization.

Competence audit step by step

We wish to go beyond our Clients’ expectations, which is why every competence audit and managerial competencies audit is performed in a manner that is tailored to your company’s specific needs. We operate like that because every team has its individual history, and every person – a different talent that needs to be discovered and developed.
Although our working methods are always modified to fit the specific Client’s needs and context, we base on the zero-failure process  and especially selected tools. Here they are:



At the first stage of cooperation we recognize your goals and then jointly determine audit scope. We create a list of key competencies and competencies crucial for conformity with organizational culture. It will allow the competence audit to be truly effective.


Working out methods of operation

Our experts will design the best assessment panel for your specific situation. In order to perform a reliable verification of employees’ competencies, they will use the following tools:

    1. Competence-behavioral interview
    2. Panel interview
    3. Business case
    4. Competence assessment
    5. Reference check
    6. Tests
    7. Assessment Center
    8. Market benchmarking

Development of a report

At the next stage of the audit our experts will prepare and present to you a detailed report. You will find out from it what competencies your employees possess and what is the best way to engage them.


Feedback session for the participants

In order to assist your employees in becoming better specialists on everyday basis, we will arrange a feedback session during which they will receive a solid summary of the performed assessment.

Contact us:


Joanna Czarnocka

Managing Partner
+48 605 653 403

Piotr Goliński

Managing Partner
+48 605 651 621

At every stage of your cooperation with CTER consultants you know what we do and what our next steps will be.
After the audit is finalized, you gain potential to facilitate planning of your employees’ development. You will also have certainty that each person and each team engages in exactly that activity which influences current and future successes of the whole company.

Global reach of recruitment

More on our recruitment potential in other countries on the page  RECRUITMENT WORLDWIDE.

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