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Mapping – gain market advantage

Mapping denotes market mapping. If you run a company and wish your services or products to be competitive on the market, mapping will help you achieve that goal.  

It is enough to let us know what information on what market you require, and we will provide it to you.
Then we will prepare situational analysis and conclusions on the basis of which you will be able to plan further business activities.

When is it worth to use the service of market mapping?

  • When you need a benchmark. We will show you a comparison of the resources you have at your disposal to the resources used by your competitors.
  • When you create a succession plan plan and look for candidates from outside the organization. We will find the best specialists so that you could offer them the best cooperation terms.
  • When you change your organizational structure. We will assist you in finding a suitable benchmark.
  • When you plan a change in a given position, but are not sure when the change will take place. Thanks to mapping you will have a list of potential candidates in advance, and when the right moment arrives, you  will save time and limit expenditure necessary to initiate official recruitment.
  • When you create a new position. Market mapping will allow for fast and efficient checking of the scope of competencies required for similar positions. It will help you select tasks and job conditions adjusted to competencies of individual employees, and – more importantly – to plan personnel costs effectively.

What does mapping consist in?

Market mapping is a precise tool which helps conduct personnel changes in a company. Recruitment, promotions, internal replacements in a team – in all these circumstances you need reliable and in-depth data on the situation on the market of available professionals. First of all, you need information on:

  • the number of available candidates within your market segment (we offer activities in three areas, related to: competences, sector and geographical location);
  • competencies of persons responsible for assigned functions;
  • availability of desired professionals and managers, as you need to know whether and on what terms they are willing to change employment;
  • structure of the companies on the market and divisions which form their components.

What exactly you will receive within the service of market mapping?

We will present you with a reliable and detailed report, in which you will find candidates’ professional profiles and additional information on their subject.
Our mapping will provide you with all information necessary for successful recruitment, such as:

  • name of the position currently held;
  • name of current employer;
  • CV;
  • job description of the position currently held;
  • information on willingness to change employment;
  • level of minimum financial expectations;
  • other information relevant when choosing a potential employer.

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Managing Partner
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