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Executive Search

When you recognize that an intended recruitment may pose a significant challenge, or you care about the highest possible quality of a candidate, opt to use the executive search Poland. It bases on in-depth and precise search on the market and specialized assessment of candidates from the point of view of their competencies, motivation and cultural-organization fit. We recommend the use if this service especially when the conducted recruitment is confidential or related to a difficult localization which may require relocation.

When is it worth to use executive search services?

  • You would prefer to entrust the recruitment project to a credible, experienced and competent firm.
  • You want to secure full confidentiality of the recruitment.
  • You search for a best of the best candidate.
  • You care for a precise analysis of the market and in-depth assessment of candidates – you are interested in their availability, you wish to identify their competencies, financial expectations, perception of your firm and motivation for potential change of employment.
  • You realize that recruitment requires active search, as on the market there are few candidates with the sought-after competencies.
  • When the company’s location is not very attractive. Are you worried that candidates would not want to move to a given place or region of the world? Within Executive Search we will present you with only those candidates who are ready to accept that.

What will I receive from CTER:

  • The best candidates available – we can not only identify persons with the broadest knowledge, experience and competencies, but also convince the inconvincible to have a conversation.
  • Full market survey – we reach all candidates, including those who do not currently consider changing employment.
  • Added value – full information on availability of managers, their financial expectations, readiness to change employment and perception of your company.
  • Attention to your company’s market image – your projects will be conducted by some of the most experienced consultants in Poland.
  • Discretion – we cooperate on the basis of confidentiality principle.

What principles will underlie our cooperation?

Executive search recruitment process step by step:

We have been recruiting for 20 years, and on the basis of our experience we have created the following operating process:



The first step includes an in-depth interview with the direct supervisor or HR department representative. During the interview we investigate your goals and needs. Together, we create a list of essential competencies and requirements.


Search strategy

We develop an effective search strategy, first of all determining industries and companies with the largest potential for sourcing competent candidates.



We identify interesting candidates in accordance with the established search strategy. We also take into account those we met during projects conducted earlier and persons sourced via recommendation or industry suggestions. 


Initial contacts

The fourth step consists in establishing initial contact with candidates. In doing so, we seek two goals – firstly, to create interest in the offer, and, secondly – to motivate them to participate in recruitment. At this stage we also verify initial, basic information about the candidate.


Competence interviews

We conduct structured competence interviews. They help us collect information on the subject of the candidates and their:

  • professional competencies and soft skills;
  • general motivation;
  • motivation for taking up the given position;
  • cultural fit.

Reference verification

We thoroughly verify at least 3 reference contacts provided by the candidates.


Presentation of recommendations and reports

The conclusion of the search forms the last stage of the process. We present you with an extensive report on our activities and we recommend in it at least 3 candidates. In the recommendation reports, you will find detailed information on their subject.

Contact us:

Joanna Czarnocka

Managing Partner
+48 605 653 403

Piotr Goliński

Managing Partner
+48 605 651 621

Global reach of recruitment

We also recruit outside Poland. You can find out what we may offer you within cross-border recruitment on the page RECRUITMENT WORLDWIDE.

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