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Worldwide recruitment – 97% satisfied clients

Since 2002 we have belonged to InterSearch network which gathers local leaders on the worldwide market of executive search. In cooperation with our Partners we offer support in carrying out and completing recruitment abroad. Currently, InterSearch has jointly nearly 100 offices in 50 countries, and recruitment is conducted by our Partners, who are experts in the field of HR and have the best knowledge of the markets on which they are active.

InterSearch network and worldwide recruitment

All firms affiliated within InterSearch operate on the basis of a cohesive code of values and consistent methodology. Due to the transparent principles our Clients may be certain that using our services they receive the same standard of services as in the case of projects carried out locally.

For our Clients, the largest benefit of our presence in InterSearch network is, most of all, gaining knowledge about foreign industries, markets and trends in the manners of employing and motivating managers.

Recruitment worldwide – how to employ the best people for the job?

Recruitment worldwide is one of the most difficult areas of business activity faced by companies. Reaching a suitable candidate and offering them competitive conditions on the market on which they are active creates a significant challenge for any employer who plans to enlarge their team.

However, when you decide to cooperate with CTER, you do not need to worry about that. It will be our job to search for and reach out to suitable candidates. It is enough that you tell us what competencies and experience an expert you wish to employ needs to possess, and we will deal with finding them.

How to conduct recruitment worldwide fast and efficiently?

You may be wondering how we will find an ideal candidate for employment.

The answer is simple.

With the help of our Partners from the international network of InterSearch. Experts on the area of recruitment that are its members take the same care as we do in connecting employers all over the world to candidates that they need.

How does InterSearch facilitate recruitment worldwide?

  • The network has nearly 100 offices in 50 countries, which means that as CTER we have direct contact with experts in the country in which you would like to recruit. Our Partners know the requirements of the given market, which makes finding a suitable candidate in cooperation with them faster and easier.
  • Thanks to knowledge transfer we know local industries and trends on the labor market. Our consultants will support you at every stage of the recruitment process, as well as advise when developing the profile of an ideal candidate, taking into account the specificity of the local market.
  • InterSearch is a network affiliating people with passion for recruitment. In the projects which we conduct in cooperation with our Partners, we use our nearly 20-year experience. The priority for the experts operating within InterSearch is, primarily, the satisfaction of both parties.
  • As an international network, InterSearch has its code of values and operates on the basis of a consistent methodology. Thus, you can rest assured that the services you are using meet the highest standards held worldwide. It is no surprise then that 97% of Clients are satisfied with the services of the network’s experts.

Global reach

Below you may find a list of countries covered by InterSearch partners.

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