Joanna Czarnocka

Managing Partner

She has been involved in recruitment since 1992. She is a special agent for solving difficult problems in creative, non-standard ways. She has completed several hundred managerial recruitments in virtually all sectors. Most often she supports companies in the life sciences and consumer goods areas, as well as the media and automotive industries. She works with major international players, local and owner-operated companies, capital groups and start-ups. She helps clients attract managers who are strategic to the company’s growth.



2001 – present
CTER Executive Recruitment & Interim Management

Managing Partner

1991 – 2001
Ray & Berndtson


1991 – 2000

Director of Executive Search Department


Graduated in clinical psychology from the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Warsaw. She is also a graduate of the Postgraduate Study of Individual and Group Psychotherapy and Coaching.

After hours

She practices the author’s version of Epicureanism with friends and family and with her dog Lulka, dances Argentine tango and writes poetic enumerations.