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Fast Track Search Recruitment

When you are pressed for time, because you wish to fill in a position as soon as possible, use Fast Track Search Recruitment. It is enough that you will let us know who you are looking for and we will immediately check the reserve of suitable candidates. We will present you with the profiles of only those who will meet your requirements and will be open to enter cooperation on the indicated date. You do not need to worry and waste long weeks of time for the recruitment process. It is us who will contact you with the suitable candidates.

When is it worth to use Fast Track Search Recruitment?

  • When there is time pressure. It happens sometimes that you need to fill in a position as soon as possible, so you cannot afford a long search for an employee.
  • When you need a reliable assessment of available candidates. Fast Track Search Recruitment provides you with certainty that we will source a candidate for you in the shortest time possible.
  • When you require confidentiality. Cooperating with CTER, you may be sure that key information will remain confidential.

Using Fast Track Search Recruitment, you will receive from us a comprehensive recommendation of the best suited candidates ready to work forthwith.

What I will receive from CTER?

  • Recommendations of candidates best suited for the position and ready to work forthwith.
  • Information on availability of managers, their financial expectations, willingness to change employment and perception of your company on the market.
  • Discretion and confidentiality – we conduct recruitment project maintaining full confidentiality.
  • Attention to your market image – your projects will be conducted by some of the most experienced consultants in Poland.

What does Fast Track Search Recruitment look like?

After 20 years of work in the area of recruitment, we know how to provide information on the best candidates quickly and efficiently. Our search process consists of several steps:



We determine your needs and goals. Together we establish the most important recruitment criteria, in order to be sure that the final result will be satisfactory for you.


Candidate sourcing

At this stage we create a portfolio of the best persons for your project. We achieve this due to extensive contacts, knowledge of industry recommendations and our base of candidates.


Initial contacts

This is the time for establishing initial contacts with selected persons. We will motivate them to participate in the recruitment and make sure that the basic professional information on their subject is legitimate.


Competency-based interviews

We evaluate candidate in a comprehensive manner, focusing on:

  • professional competencies and soft skills;
  • overall motivation;
  • motivation to assume the position;
  • cultural fit.

Reference verification

We verify at least 3 reference contacts of the candidates, in order to make sure as to their actual competencies.


Presentation of recommendations

We will present a report summarizing the availability of candidates and recommending the best persons to be employed in the position which you offer.

How will we work?

Contact us:

Piotr Goliński

Managing Partner
+48 605 651 621


Joanna Czarnocka

Managing Partner
+48 605 653 403

Global reach of recruitment

We also ensure swift completion of recruitment processes outside Poland. Would you lite to learn the details? You will find them on RECRUITMENT WORLDWIDE.

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