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Managerial Assessment – recognize Candidate's competencies

You have independently found a managerial position candidate outside your organization or in its resources, and you wonder whether the candidate will fit to the position in which you plan to employ them, or to which you intend to promote them? You would like to be certain that this candidate will be a good pick? Managerial assessment conducted by CTER will allow you to get to know the candidate, determine their competencies and motivation, and to find out whether they will adapt to your organizational culture.

When is it worth to use managerial assessment?

  • When you look for a manager for the key area of your company. Independently of the type of recruitment (internal or external), you need to be sure that the position will be held by a suitable person.
  • When you do not know how the candidate compares to others on the market. In the case of internal recruitment or a small number of applications within external recruitment, such a comparison will provide you with a clear answer to the question whether you are employing a given person due to their merits, or because of a lack of better options.
  • When you want to make better use of talents and competencies in your organization. Proper assessment of the situation will help you assign to specific employees professional roles which best fit themselves and their strengths. This will benefit not only your company by accelerating its development, but also people whose well-being will improve during performance of their duties and work for the common success of the company.
  • When you plan a succession and look for a worthy successor. We will help you identify the best person for such a position.

What I will receive from CTER?

As part of managerial assessment you will receive from us objective and reliable assessment of candidates.

After reading our report, further recruitment steps will become obvious.

Managerial assessment step by step:

Each position is different. Essentially, requirements towards candidates differ, and simultaneously – distinct organizational cultures apply in specific companies that recruit for a position. That is why we approach each project individually and first and foremost analyze the context. Although all stages of our work are similar, we apply a variety of tools, adjusting them to the needs of a given situation.



In order to succeed in helping you, we need to develop a good understanding of your goals and the scope of assessment that you require. Together, we create the list of key competencies in a given position and competencies relevant for the fit to your company’s organizational culture.


Development of approach

On the basis of data collected in the first step, our experts create an individual assessment procedure which will fit in with your project. At this stage we select the best combination of tools, choosing them from the following:

    1. Competence-behavioral interview
    2. Panel interview
    3. Business case
    4. Competencies assessment
    5. Verification of references
    6. Tests
    7. Assessment Center
    8. Benchmarking to market

Report preparation

In this step we organize data which we have obtained. It undergoes in-depth analysis by our experts. On its basis, a reliable and comprehensive final report is created. Having read it, you will have a clear and transparent view of the manager’s competencies.


Feedback session for participants

There is no development without reliable feedback. Therefore, after the analysis is completed, we provide feedback to persons who participated in the assessment. This allows them to develop and work on the areas posing the greatest problems.

Contact us:

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Managing Partner
+48 605 653 403

Piotr Goliński

Managing Partner
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