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Our goal is Client’s and Candidate’s satisfaction a year after employment. See what our Clients, Candidates and Partners from InterSearch and Senior Management Worldwide networks think about cooperation with our firm.

Clients' Recommendations

I had the opportunity to work with CTER on a challenging and strategic recruitment opportunity. I invited CTER based on their good market reputation and was not disappointed. CTER invested in learning the specifics of our company, understanding expectations. On an ongoing basis, the consultants provided us with information on the market and candidate expectations. We also had to react very flexibly to surprises that arose during the project. Partnership, trust, keeping commitments is a short characteristic, which, supported by accurate recommendations, makes it a pleasure for me to recommend CTER for executive search projects.
Alina Smolarek
HR Director, Enel-Med
I have known the consultants working at CTER for several years. During this time we had the opportunity to work together several times. It often happened that the projects we carried out together were among the difficult ones. What I appreciate CTER for is a good and partner-like cooperation, open communication and flexibility in approach. All this translated into a good knowledge of the market and in most cases a good fit.
Agata Jach
Head of HR, InPost
I am pleased to recommend CTER as an effective partner in demanding recruitment processes for managerial and expert positions. I consciously use the word partner because that is the essence of working with CTER. We met at my previous workplace over 10 years ago where we successfully recruited several top managers together. That is why, when last year at Ultimo there was a need to fill top management positions in IT and Finance, I invited CTER to work with me and once again I was not disappointed. Mr Piotr Goliński and Ms Anna Szwedzińska-Broll are demanding partners, ask a lot of questions, take the time to understand the requirements, role and culture of the organisation through meetings with the superiors of new managers to understand, and with people leaving these very positions. This holistic view and thorough preparation is, in my opinion, the key to success, which is without doubt the presentation of short lists of very good candidates within the agreed timeframe, from which we sometimes found it difficult to choose the best person. Personally, what I appreciate most about Ms Anna and Mr Piotr is the transparent communication, which strengthens the relationship and gives a sense of security in the task. In cooperation with CTER, you can expect ongoing contact, quick and genuine feedback from candidates, accessibility, openly pointing out difficulties and proposing solutions, as well as kindness and a sense of humour.
Katarzyna Jędryczek-Wąsiel
Head Of Human Resources, Ultimo
CTER, in the person of Piotr Golinski, gave us great support at every stage of the projects we conducted together. Piotr's thorough analysis of our needs and excellent orientation on the candidate market translated into smooth finalization of the processes. Piotr's availability and his valuable insights were important for our selection decisions. Those hired through CTER have gone through the adaptation process and are successfully continuing their careers with us. CTER is a partner you can rely on in demanding recruitment projects.
Kamila Skorupińska
Human Resources Director, Medicover Healthcare Services
Cooperation with CTER was recommended to me when I needed a candidate for a managerial position with unique competencies. Mr. Piotr Golinski, with whom I had the pleasure of working on this project, convinced me with his extensive experience. The cooperation during the project confirmed my good selection decision. The process went very quickly and smoothly. Its asset was the ongoing communication, which translated into its successful completion. CTER, after researching our needs, quickly came back with a short list of candidates to recommend. All the candidates presented turned out to be a very good choice. The fit with the organizational culture was a major factor. I am pleased to recommend CTER as a reliable and experienced Partner.
Aneta Szczesna-Kowalska
Vice President of HR , Unimot
With the development of EntireM, the need arose for us to launch an executive search project. While looking for recruitment companies to work with, we reached out to CTER. During the interviews, they gave the impression of people who want to understand our need and support us in our search. What caught our eye was their partnership approach and lack of "artificiality" in the contact and their willingness to invest their time in getting to know our organization and understanding the market niche in which we operate. We decided to do the project with CTER and it turned out to be a good choice. We would be happy to return to work with Grzegorz Steinke and Anna Szwedzinska-Broll on future projects
Jędrzej Mieszczak
CEO, Entire M
When my country HR director resigned her position, I had to find both an interim and permanent replacement. CTER swiftly understood both my short term needs as well as desired longerterm solution (which included an organizational change from a country to regional based organization) The process was very professional, fast and even more successful than I dared hope, as I ended making a permanent contract as Regional head of P&C with the interim candidate. In the light of this I would recommend CTER for both interim and permanent positions within the HR domain.
Morten Hansen
Head of Group P&C Services, Dovista
I had the opportunity to work with CTER while conducting recruitment projects for important and difficult managerial positions in my organization. I value this cooperation on several levels: a partnership relationship and trust, a good understanding of our needs and the specifics of the organization, which resulted not only in accurate recommendations in terms of merit, but also a good fit with our organization in terms of values and matching our specifics and culture. In the course of the projects, the high availability of consultants and constant and up-to-date information on how our offer is perceived by the market allowed us to react flexibly and thus finish the projects successfully.
Michał Rusiecki
Managing Director, Etac Poland
I have worked with CTER several times before on so-called 'C' level recruiting for companies located in localities where the talent pool is, how to say....., severely limited. What convinced me about them was Mr. Piotr Golinski's genuine willingness to get to know in depth the profile and characteristics of the ideal candidate and the culture of the company for which he wants to do a project. Taking the time to come to seldom-visited locations, walk around the factory and feel that 'something' intangible that determines that one manager will be a good fit and another definitely not. I liked the approach on searching for candidates in several matching circles and openly discussing the pros and cons of candidates from each circle. Thanks to the flexibility regarding the rules of the search, in most cases we were able to work out a model of cooperation fully acceptable to both parties. Regular statuses in the progress of the project on the one hand gave me comfort where we were in the search process and on the other hand encouraged discipline on our side. I am convinced that more joint projects are yet to come.
Bartosz Marczuk
CEO, Anwis
We have been cooperating with CTER Sp. z o.o. for many years. Regardless of whether the cooperation concerns a simple project or the realisation of a priority task "for tomorrow", the whole team and, above all, Piotr Goliński step into the shoes of the client and we always receive a reliable, clearly described and realised service. What I value most is honest and prompt communication - without this, cooperation would not be the same.
Paweł Tworek
HR Director, IMI Hydronic Engineering
I can highly recommend Piotr Goliński as a trusted partner who always shows high professionalism and engagement in cooperation. I truly appreciate his ability to provide strong expertise and market knowledge, clear guidance and discipline in project execution as well as eagerness to apply non-standard solutions on non-obvious challenges. It was a great pleasure to work together!
Michał Pertkiewicz
Senior HRBP Transformation Nordics & East Europe, Unilever
Several times CTER  provided us with invaluable support during recruitment of suitable persons for the most exposed positions in Capgemini Polska. Recruitment projects which we commission do not belong to easy ones: on principle these are extremely demanding profiles that are difficult to access, but due to cooperation with CTER we have finalized in the recent period of time several employments on the level of director/VP. In the case of one recruitment project, a precisely developed shortlist of candidates allowed even for an additional employment.
Ewa Gołębiewska
Ewa Gołębiewska
VP HR/HR Director, Capgemini Poland
I have had an opportunity to cooperate with CTER for several years on managerial recruitment projects after the company was taken over by CVC Capital Partners fund. CTER quickly learnt our firm, and recognized challenges faced by the managers and our business. Candidates recommended by CTER are well selected to suit the needs of our business, as well as the culture that we are creating in our company. I value CTER not only for their professionalism, but also for flexible cooperation and good partnership-based atmosphere.
Beata Górniak
Beata Górniak
Beata Górniak, HR Director, PKP Energetyka (CVC portfolio company)
When I need a reliable company which will really source that one exceptional person to meet all competence criteria, with values compatible to our firm’s organizational culture, I choose CTER. In CTER there are no accidental choices, no candidates taken straight out the database solely in order to somehow make them fit the project. Everything is well thought-out, well-tuned, polished. Reliability, cooperation, in-depth recognition of the client and their needs not just for show, but in earnest. Honesty, diligence and attention to the search for that best person for a given project (a person, not just a candidate) - that is CTER.
Lidia Orłowska rekomednacje CTER
Lidia Ołowska
HR Director, Polpharma Biologics S.A.
After 10 years, the recruitment conducted together with Piotr is worth 500 million PLN of revenue with a handsome margin. What more could one add? 🙂
Mariusz Gaca rekomendacje CTER
Mariusz Gaca
VP at Orange Polska SA
I have been cooperating with CTER for several years. It is a very professional firm which helped us acquire excellent professionals, and on top of that it is a team of nice people with whom it is a pleasure to work. Usually I was commissioning their services, but I also had the pleasure to be recruited for a project which they conducted. This, I can vouch that they take equally good care of their clients and their candidates.
Cezary Kołodziejczyk
Cezary Kołodziejczyk
long-time President of the Board and Managing Director of Omega Pharma, Sigvaris and Laboratorium Kosmetyczne Dr Irena Eris
I have cooperated with CTER consultants for several years now. I know that recruitment processes entrusted to them are conducted by professionals in that field with utmost attention to detail – the ongoing communication related to the project’s status and the detailed analysis of needs and expectations provide clients with assurance that finding the best candidate is of crucial importance for the consultants. I value the current information on the situation on the market, delivered by consultants throughout cooperation. I am fully convinced that I can recommend CTER as a professional, reliable and credible business partner. Committed consultants, full of passion and diligent in accessing information on the sourced candidates – that is CTER’s best showcase.
Anna Goleniowska
Anna Goleniowska
Director of HR Office, Emitel (Montague PE and later Alinda Capital Partners portfolio company)
Piotr is a very efficient recruitment partner, who gives support and helpful hints at every stage of the hiring process. His in-depth knowledge of the Polish Telco market and willingness to understand his clients’ needs makes the recruitment process smooth and fast.
Jerzy Godek rekomendacje CTER
Jerzy Godek
Chief Technology Officer, Emitel (Montague PE and later Alinda Capital Partners portfolio company)
I have been cooperating with CTER since 2005. Together, we have conducted nearly 20 recruitment projects extremely important for our organization. In recruitment, it is crucial to understand the firm’s – and the position’s - needs, to reach out to suitable people and find the candidate that fits best to the given organization’s duties and culture. All of this we get from CTER consultants every time, together with excellent cooperation, prompt actions and professionalism. Apart from conducting recruitment projects, CTER assists us in other aspects of the labor market, both on domestic and international level. It would be hard to imagine a more reliable, wise and trustworthy partner in the process of selection of employees for a company.
Bożena Stępien
Bożena Stępień
Personnel Director, Laboratorium Kosmetyczne Dr Irena Eris
The history of cooperation between Orange Polska and CTER goes back to 2004. Over that period of time CTER had an opportunity to conduct for us recruitment projects for all types of positions, from top directors’ positions to mid-level management and experts. Over that period of time, we jointly completed several dozen recruitment projects – with full success. Our experiences from cooperation with CTER demonstrate that this firm excels in its efficiency, extensive knowledge of the labor market and very high commitment to realization of commissioned projects. Consultants with whom we had an opportunity to cooperate recognized our needs well, selected appropriate tools that allowed to diagnose competencies properly and achieve good fit of candidates to Orange, a well as remained in continuous contact with recruitment managers and HR teams. An additional value is the person of Managing Director, Mr. Piotr Goliński, who has been successfully advising us in recruitment projects for years, basing on his expertise, knowledge of the market and business experience. I would like to stress that CTER is an organization which aims at long-term partnership. We can recommend CTER as a reliable partner for conducting direct search and recruitment of Candidates. The to-date cooperation with CTER has given us substantial satisfaction.
Jacek Kowalski rekomendacje CTER
Jacek Kowalski
Member of the Board for Human Resources, Orange Polska
I had an opportunity to cooperate with CTER during recruitment for the position of General Directors of Aflofarm agencies in Romania and Czechia, and it was an exceptionally positive business experience. Not only because during that project I had the full conviction that the firm (on the level of cooperation with the office in Poland, as well as with offices in Romania and Czechia) efficiently and capably conducted the project, but, most of all, it also fully understood the needs of the firm which I represented and my needs as a person who would be the supervisor of the recruited candidates. And not only on the basic level of company culture or the type of business model – but on that very soft one, related to character and mentality. These were very professional, yet open and direct discussions as to who and why to select, touching upon all possible aspects which could have influence on the efficiency of recruitment, with no exceptions. Up till the present day we are very satisfied with the persons chosen during that recruitment process.
Paweł Tomczak
Head of Foreign Markets Operations, Aflofarm
We have cooperated with CTER for over 15 years. In many respects our organization differs from all the others. We have an atypical organizational structure and as a result, need exceptional managers. We always look for ambitious, energetic and scrupulously honest long-distance runners. Because there are not too many such persons on the market, for years we have reached out to CTER for assistance, especially in recruitment of key value for us. Why is that so? Firstly, CTER understands our specificity, secondly, CTER is able to search out and recognize our future leaders, and finally, CTER brings added value by sharing their knowledge about the market or advising us at the final stage, when together we determine which of the candidates to present with the employment offer. CTER is professional, efficient and credible. It happens that we do not agree, it happens that we go through a harder situation, but until now, we have always managed to find a solution that would satisfy both parties. We simply respect and trust each other.
Maciej Górny
Member of the Board of Directors, General Partner, HBH
I started to cooperate with CTER last year, in connection with a recruitment project for the market of Eastern Europe. The process of recruitment was very difficult, as it demanded coordination of cooperation and communication between CTER in Poland, Russia and our company. Moreover, the profile of candidates we searched for was exacting and not easy to source. From the beginning our cooperation went very well: setting out and coordination of the process, regular, transparent communication, reliability in sourcing the candidates and, most importantly, appropriately selected candidates, convinced me and my coworkers to commission further projects to CTER on the territory of Poland. Next recruitment projects confirmed our previous experience. An additional asset is consulting at every stage of the recruitment process and friendly, partnership-based atmosphere of cooperation.
Anna Staniewska
Anna Staniewska
Global Sales HR Director, Somfy
I have had the pleasure of cooperating with CTER for a couple of years now. Since the very beginning, the cooperation was constructed on the part of CTER on the basis of understanding the client’s needs, specificity of the organization for which they work and the culture of mutual trust and support. This created a strong foundation for cooperation that has already lasted for quite a long time.
Grzegorz Rutkowski
General Manager, Habasit Polska Sp. z o.o.

Candidates' Recommendations

I rate CTER as a company that handles recruitment projects extremely skillfully. It was a great pleasure for me to participate in the recruitment process conducted by CTER. During the entire process I met exceptionally competent and experienced professionals, Mr. Piotr Goliński and Ms. Anna Szwedzińska-Broll. The recruitment process was characterized by unprecedented transparency regarding the position I applied for, the future employer and the recruitment process itself. Recruitment went extremely smoothly and very quickly. I strongly recommend cooperation with CTER.
Bartłomiej Godzieszka
Director Information Technology, Crédit Agricole Ubezpieczenia
CTER represents my key values: 1) full transparency about the offer, the client and the business context; 2) contact during the recruitment process, but also afterwards, taking care of the pre-agreed conditions and 3) striving for mutual success. These factors made the job transition smooth and stress-free.
Adam Alker
Head of Transformation, People Can Fly Studio
I had the pleasure of cooperating with Piotr and CTER during the recruitment process for the role of Interim Director in the HR area in one of the largest and more renowned organizations in the SSC/ BPO sector. The recruitment process went extremely fast and smoothly, which resulted in my joining the organization within a few days. Thanks to the project I gained interesting professional experience, I had the opportunity to work in an international business environment and manage a team of several dozen people. I am impressed with the way Piotr works and his effectiveness. I recommend cooperation due to his professionalism and ability to build relations with the Client and Candidate.
Agnieszka Ert-Eberdt
As an Interim Manager I had the pleasure of working with Piotr on an interim project for CTER Client (where I was Interim CEO 05-11.2023). From a perfectly defined company situation to all arrangements regarding the contract itself, I always received very detailed and helpful information. Also during the duration of the contract, I could always count on substantive comments. I fully recommend Piotr and CTER as a high quality very reliable partner in the implementation of interim projects.
Andrzej Harmata
Interim CEO
I started working with Mr Peter of CTER during a recruitment process commissioned by my current employer. I was very impressed with the way the whole process was carried out, in particular the ability to highlight the relevant aspects of the position based on a good understanding of them (which is not so obvious) but also the time taken to ascertain to what extent I, my management style matched expectations, both in terms of subject matter expertise, management style and how compatible with the company culture. At every stage I felt looked after, I knew what to expect and what the next steps are. I would definitely recommend.
Robert Sorokiewicz
Roman Sorokiewicz
Senior Vice President Of Engineering , Aptitude Software
I highly recommend CTER and especially Piotr, with whom I had the pleasure to work. During the whole recruitment process I was very well informed at each stage of the recruitment process, both about the next steps, as well as I received a constant valuable feedback. Additionally, Piotr was an excellent partner - he was always available and professionally supportive. I would definitely recommend!
Tomek Krzyzak
CTO & Site Lead, Yggdrasil
The best recommendations come from satisfied customers. I am one of them.
Łukasz Zieliński
Global Supply Management, EMEA & SA Director, Nexteer Automotive
I had the exceptional pleasure of cooperating with Mr. Piotr Goliński and CTER during one of the recruitment projects in which I participated. The fact that it ended with a success for myself, my employer and CTER, is certainly significant from the point of view my evaluation of the cooperation with Mr. Goliński, but it should not eliminate an objective assessment of this cooperation. And it was exceptionally pleasant. The recruitment process based, to a significant extent, on long conversations during which we touched upon issues ranging from directly related to the position for which I applied, to absolutely abstract ones. Such approach guarantees that Mr. Goliński, using his intuition, is able to select an ideal candidate for the future employer, while possibly even more important than all the "hard" skills are all the "human" aspects, such as communication style, system of values, personal development vision, etc. The final result of the process was, naturally, the hiring, but the best testimony to the job well done was the cooperation between my new employer and myself over the following months, quarters and years, which led to an excellent relationship. Summing up, I am very favorably impressed by cooperation with Mr. Goliński and I can very gladly recommend his services, both as a recruited candidate, and as person commissioning recruitment projects.
Paweł Ryniewicz rekomendacje CTER
Paweł Ryniewicz
Regional Lead CEE Cisco Center of Competence, Also Group
My experience of working with Piotr was exceptional. It was a pleasure to work with Piotr throughout the recruitment process and get excellent advice and help on all levels. Piotr was great at keeping in touch with updates and professional feedback. Very good, personal service. Highly recommended!
Marcin Chruściel rekomendacje CTER
Marcin Chruściel
Orange Finance Director, Orange Polska
I can recommend CTER with full confidence as a firm that can be trusted throughout this extremely important process that a change of employment constitutes. I had an opportunity to participate in a process that was not entirely in agreement with my professional development plans, but as soon as a suitable offer came up, CTER contacted me again and I finally found myself at a different place. During the whole process I could count on close contact with the consultants, up-to-date information and a general sense of comfort as to where we were at in the process. I recommend this firm!
Łukasz Dobosz rekomendacje CTER
Łukasz Dobosz
Managing Director Eisberg Polska
I had an opportunity to take part in one of the recruitment processes conducted by CTER. It was not an easy decision. Changing the employer after more than ten years spent in one organization is always a source of stress and uncertainty. I have to admit that CTER consultants turned out to be good companions and partners throughout that process. Available, they provided feedback and accurate information as to the subsequent stages of the process, were supportive and trustworthy. We have remained in touch for many months after I started to feel at home in the new place and new organization.
Bartłomiej Wrzosek rekomendacje CTER
Bartłomiej Wrzosek
Plant Director PKP Energetyka
In the world of headhunters chasing new candidates and new clients Piotr has special ability to create atmosphere of a very personalized approach. His research is meticulous, advice always spot on and feedback very valuable. Piotr understands clients needs but also has in-depth understanding of candidates profiles. All in all Piotr is on the list of very few headhunters I admire for skills, professionalism and understanding of the market including interim management.
Karol Poznański
Communications Manager (Interim) , AIRA

Partners' Recommendations

I partnered with Piotr at CTER to collaborate on an Executive Search assignment for one of my manufacturing clients who has an international footprint. We worked on an HR Director role where the candidate would likely be based out of Poland rather than the UK. Piotr and team provided quality candidates that were thoroughly researched and we made a successful placement. I would have no hesitation in working with Piotr again.
Charles Wilson rekomendacje CTER
Charles Wilson
Practice Director, Executive Recruitment, Penna, UK, Partner, SMW
With CTER we have an excellent partner to finalize local, regional and international assignments between clients and Interim Managers from Poland and Austria. We have a professional cooperation lasting for many years and have successfully placed interim executives within just a couple of days together!
Hannes C. Pfaller rekomendacje CTER
Hannes C. Pfaller
Managing Partner, P+P Interim Management GmbH, Partner SMW
I am very pleased with the collaboration with Piotr Golinski and CTER in Poland. We worked together on several cases at senior management level. Piotr understands the difference between the German and Polish business culture. He has an excellent network among Polish managers with international experience. Piotr is a professional advisor who delivers all information for a successful project.
Bodo Blanke referencje CTER
Bodo Blanke
Geschäftsführer | Managing Director, AC ALPHAMANAGEMENT GmbH
As member of Intersearch Worldwide Organization of executive search firms I had the chance of working with my Polish colleagues from CTER on several occasions in both roles: either introducing clients who were needing search and consultancy services in Poland or operating projects in Romania on behalf of clients introduced by CTER on cross border assignments.

What is most extraordinary in working with Joanna, Piotr or Klara is their complete understanding of clients‘ needs and their ability to adapt fast to answer those. When working on common assignments or needing local information to support our customers, CTER team always supported us in a timely and friendly manner with no reduction in quality.

They all are the type of business consulting professionals who know how to put everyone at ease the moment any of them enters the room. CTER’s team are diligent about collecting information and insist on developing custom solutions to give a very helpful insight. Most importantly, CTER’s team always indicates the practical applications their work has for clients ‘organization and act today with future consequences in mind which brings incontestable value added to any client. Most probably this is one of the reasons they are one of the top consultancies in Poland.

Each member of CTER’s team has strong communication skills, which are very useful in this business consulting. Their professional and refined approach makes their work much more valuable to clients and they also have a great way of keeping everyone updated on any changes occurring along an assignment. CTER should be your next business consultant and I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.
Ana Ber
Managing Partner, P&P InterSearch Romania
I have known the CTER team for over 20 years, completing international recruitment projects together. As the Polish partner of InterSearch Worldwide, the CTER team always delivered successfully, followed the agreed project plan, presented a shortlist of suitable candidates leading to appointment. I enjoy working with CTER on international recruitment assignments.
Micheal Coughlan
InterSearch Worldwide Board Director
We have been collaborating with CTER for more than 20 years for numerous clients and have successfully completed a large number of searches.

CTER put an extensive preparation into understanding of our clients’ businesses and the competitive landscape ensuring that they would be able to rapidly target potential candidates.

Throughout the various assignments we have been particularly satisfied with the qualitative shortlists of candidates we have received, and with their business partnering attitude. They are persistent in finding the right talent that matches the company DNA to maximize a cultural as well as a functional fit. They are thorough yet fast in delivery, assertive and honest in their communication.

CTER is aiming at a longterm placement.
Vanessa Delacourt
Partner | Schelstraete Delacourt Associates
I am proud to have worked with a professional team of CTER. We successfully completed a lot of projects in cooperation with Joanna Czarnocka, Piotr Goliński and Klaudia Fatah-Zarzycka. Their outstanding expertise, strong knowledge of the market and personal attidude to the clients bring significant value to all partners. Our colleagues follow the highest standards of quality and client service, are deeply involed in all details of the project and meet the requirements of the most demanding customers. I definitely recommend CTER for solving any complicated business task.
Yulia Zabazarnykh
Partner | Kontakt InterSearch Russia